Building a Community

I am on a mission to share the love! By offering FREE sensory workshops to local charities and organisations – starting in Newcastle, Co. Down.

Sharing the  love of Sensory Play with babies and children in families, in schools and groups. That is pretty easy, very often groups and organisations, through their fabulous staff training and experience, are very aware of the developmental benefits and learning that take place during sensory play – all I have to do is bring along all of my fabulous resources, to Stay and Play Workshops set them up in inviting and stimulating ways and let the children do what they do best, play.  Simple!

But what about the families and carers who haven’t had training, who haven’t experienced the joy of children engaging in sensory play? Continue reading

Jolly Phonics and CPD

This weekend I finally managed to attend a Jolly Phonics training session for practitioners.

I say finally because it was my 3rd time booking it; a long winter and sick children meant it took several months, but I finally got there and am I glad I did!

So what is Jolly Phonics?

Founded in 1987, basically it is a synthetic phonics method of teaching the letter sounds in a way that is fun and multi-sensory, enabling children to become fluent readers.

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