Hi, I’m Carly, a thirty something mum to 3 boisterous boys! We live in Co.Down, Northern Ireland where even a drive to the shop can take your breath away with stunning mountain and sea views that change daily depending on the weather – the mountains go from snow capped to rain cloud covered in the space of hours.


Dundrum, Co.Down. Mourne Moutains

My life is filled with things I love.  My DIY obsessed husband who turned a shell of a house into our home, leaving a supply of drill bits, screws and scrap wood in his wake; my boys and all that goes along including HotWheels Cars in my bed, Paw Patrol on repeat and apparently eternally funny toilet humour!

Food features heavily in my daily activities if I’m not shopping, prepping or eating it, I’m reading or watching TV about it pleading with children to try it, I have even been known to shed a tear at the thought of giving up bread when discussing dieting options! I spend a lot of time watching Attenborough DVD box-sets while eating chocolate during nocturnal baby feeding and wakening (over 6 years now and I could count on one hand the number of unbroken nights sleep I’ve had!).

3 boys
My heros!

During all of that I have spent 14+ years working in Early Years (mainly preschool) and nearly as long studying! I am passionate about child development and attachment parenting, I get a bit geeky reading research articles on educational theorists and learning styles! Most recently I have been teaching adults – someone actually thought it would be a good idea to let me at the next generation of early years professionals!

To offset (and simultaneously compliment) this, whilst on my 3rd maternity leave, I decided to flex my creative muscles to produce novelty handmade crayons and playdough – learning through play!

My husband teases me when I get excited about a maths set or domino’s mould for crayons or when I dismiss using moulds that are purely novelty with no multifunctional educational possibility –

‘Do they always have to be learning? ‘

‘Yes, yes they do, but of course they can have fun doing it!

Whilst attending craft fairs, and selling via Etsy, I decided that if I was going to continue to create products for children I would have to ensure they met the standards as required to by law when manufacturing and selling toys.  During my research of how to CE Mark my products, I have decided to cease producing crayons and playdough in the interim until this is completed and in place. 


My research has also brought other opportunities to the fore, I realised that since I missed working ‘on the floor’ in Early Years that is hands on with the children. I realised that parents and carers where interested in providing developmentally stimulating activities for children. I realised that I felt a real need to share knowledge, experience and ideas with parents and carers to help them provide these activities.  

And, so, ALL OF ME SENSORY was born; a series of Stay and Play Workshops that are child led, multi-sensory experiences, where parents and carers can be inspired by play activities, purchase resources, participate in parents workshops, staff training to create their own resources and avail of a bank of recipes, information and ideas!  

Click here for full details of Services

Or complete the form below with any questions you may have.

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