Stay and Play

Multi-sensory free-play sessions for babies and children with parents/ carers.  

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Multi-sensory free play sessions lasting 45min-1.5hrs.  All children receive a FREE gift and certificate

They are fun, interactive and engaging; they usually have these core elements…

  • Floor based, table top and wheel chair accessible – for whole body, hands on or non contact stimulation
  • A cosy zone with soft cushions, blankets and resources – perfect for deep pressure, floor play, intensive interaction with carers, free movement
  • A dark zone with either multi coloured lights or black light – ideal as visually high contrast, that can be a retreat, an place for exploration
  • Water based sensory experiences – ice, coloured water, various temperatures, even sea water!
  • ‘Messy’ sensory play – mark making with taste safe paint
  • ‘Non-Messy’ dry sensory experiences – grains, sands, loose parts, natural materials
  • Music and Lights

To PLAY of course!

Sensory Play is stimulating, regulating and brain building. That means it is exciting, helps children manage their feelings and helps language development and supports them to develop in all areas!

Parents and carers who play with their children help enhance this multi-sensory experience, help to build good emotional attachment, connection and relationships!

Babies, young children and children with additional needs.

ASD, ADHD, visual or hearing impairment, physical disability, learning difficulty, emotional and behavioural dificulties

Everyone is welcome!

Anyone who works with children and families.

  • Preschools
  • Playgroups
  • Daycare
  • Nursery
  • Primary Schools
  • SEN Schools
  • Charities and Organisations 
  • Corporate Events

Very little!

You need a venue that can hold your children, families and the resources – a large hall, community centre, leisure centre works well.

I come with everything I needs to set up and clean up – but I will need access to water and a drain!

Easy vehicle access to unloading resources

Children to wear old clothes (bring a change if possible!)

And a ‘have a go’ attitude from parents and carers.  It’s not always messy – but if gets a little bit messy, that’s ok!  

Not usually!

Resources are selected based on the needs of each group – so it may focus on lights and sound, or physical movement, or floor based activities. 

Resources may be loosely associated such as ‘under the sea’, or ‘up, up and away!’ 

Unless the booking is for a specific seasonal event or celebration like Halloween or Christmas. 

Children’s needs and interests are key – so tell me about your children and I will be sure to provide a fantastic sensory experience just for them!

All Of Me Sensory has a really simple pricing structure to help your organisation maximise their budget. 

Sessions usually last 45mins -1 hr depending on the needs of the children.  

Usually a maximum of 15 children – children benefit from a small group in a sensory environment

Cost is £200 for the 1 hour session, plus travel from base in County Down NI.

Price can vary if organiser wants multiple or shorter sessions with smaller groups, or an extended session.  Ask for a copy of our full pricing guide.

Each session is indiviualised to the needs of the children attending

parents/ carers are responsible for supervising their children at all times

All resources are risk assessed thoroughly and monitored through out the session

Why Those Resources? 

Carly has 16 years experience, and extensive qualifications in child care learning and development – all resources are carefully selected and appropriate for play. 

Parental guidance required.

First Aid 

Carly is a trained Paediatric First Aider and Mental Health First AIder


Carly is trained in Safeguarding and has procedures in place to ensure children’s safety – such as sessions are closed to the public.

Intrigued to find out more?

Interested in hosting your own STAY and PLAY workshop?   Contact me today for more information about booking your session!