Sensory Stocking Surprise

Inspired by some lovely customers’ feedback – I have put together a Surprise Stocking that is stacked silly with sensory stuff!!!

  • Perfect to share with little ones over the festive period
  • Perfect to share with friends and family as a gift
  • Perfect for small groups and setting to enhance your Christmas provision

Best about it is the value – £20 of resources for the barginous price of £15!

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Jolly Phonics and CPD

This weekend I finally managed to attend a Jolly Phonics training session for practitioners.

I say finally because it was my 3rd time booking it; a long winter and sick children meant it took several months, but I finally got there and am I glad I did!

So what is Jolly Phonics?

Founded in 1987, basically it is a synthetic phonics method of teaching the letter sounds in a way that is fun and multi-sensory, enabling children to become fluent readers.

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Spring Sensory Activities part 1 – Herbs


Ok – So Spring is my favourite time of year – March has my birthday, plus 2 of my boys’ birthdays, Mothers Day, and Easter is always around the corner. So it is always a time for celebration (lots of cake), but also the warmer weather find us on day tips and the lots of picnics!

It is the time of year the ‘I wonder what I will find in the pockets?’ game during laundry becomes more interesting.  My boys are avid collectors, and a walk and picnic just isn’t the same without spending time finding lots of precious things to bring home – pine cones, stones, flowers, leaves, bits of bark, shells, bits of crab!!! (we live by the coast).



In the kitchen, it means the return of fresh herbs, I replace the ones that didn’t survive the window sill over winter, with weak supermarket ones, until the home grown ones come into their own in a few months in the garden.

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