Sensory Stocking Surprise

Inspired by some lovely customers’ feedback – I have put together a Surprise Stocking that is stacked silly with sensory stuff!!!

  • Perfect to share with little ones over the festive period
  • Perfect to share with friends and family as a gift
  • Perfect for small groups and setting to enhance your Christmas provision

Best about it is the value – £20 of resources for the barginous price of £15!

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Autumn/ Winter Resource Collections

I don’t think I am the only one who has noticed the evening drawing in, or even dare I say it, had the heating on a bit recently!

Summer is nearly over and so our thoughts move towards the next season, and my personal favourite – Autumn.

As carers and educators the new school year means a switch of mindset, beginning to plan for the year ahead, resources, learning outcomes, environments – all to meet the ever changing needs of our individual children.  When you multiply that to meet the needs of the individuals within a group or class – it begins to get a bit complicated.

Each child brings their experiences, perspectives and preferences, relative to their own stage of development.  They may present with varying degrees and skills of

  • speech and language development
  • fine and gross motor skills
  • personal, social and emotional development
  • knowledge and understanding of the world around them
  • expectations, and needs

It is up to us to assess these needs (based on invaluable input form parents and carers), to provide the most suitable environment for them that is safe, nurturing and inviting, in which they will thrive at their own rate.

We need to consider the physical space

  • how children can move in the space
  • how they can use the space to enhance their own fun and learning

To do this our resources and equipment should incorporate a balance of

  • textures
  • sounds
  • flavours
  • sights
  • and tastes when we begin to facilitate meaningful learning environments

I find the change of season so inspiring , new groups of children with new interests and experiences they just HAVE TO SHARE! – a bubbling cacophony of chatter (from children who are at that stage) and excited energy. The changing world around – cooling weather, shifting light, crisp air, changing colours in nature, its beautiful and speaks to the power of the changing seasons.

So to celebrate these changes, All Of Me Sensory has some lovely things planned!

Beginning with the introduction of a new collection of Autumn and Winter Sensory Resources over on the Facebook Page here.  There are launching very soon  – so here is a wee sneak peak at some of the treasures available to enhance your sensory experiences.

cinnamon sticks

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