Sharing Stories – part 1 BOOKS

For many parents, curling up with a book for a bedtime story with their child is a daily ritual. For others, it is the perfect time to spend time with their children after a busy day, and for some, it is something they should do but are not entirely sure why. Discover these benefits of bedtime stories for kids.

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Attachment in the Classroom

So this text was recommended to me several years ago by an Educational Psychologist, and later by a Social Worker.

 It sat in my Amazon ‘save for later’ list that whole time!  This year I finally got around to ordering it, and am I glad I did.

Heather Geddes PHD explores the significance of the relationship between the pupil, the teacher and the learning task in what she terms the Learning Triangle, linking it to emotional development, behaviour and attachment experiences.  She identifies a Learning Profile related to each Attachment style.

A great additional to your Education Library and professional toolkit.

Click Attachment in the Classroom: The links between children’s early experience, emotional well-being and performance in school: A Practical Guide for Schools by Dr. Heather Geddes (November 5, 2005) Paperback”  for your copy



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