Some people have been enquiring about resources that are used during Stay and Play Workshops.

Many are homemade using natural materials, some are purchased. For your convenience you may now purchase some of the resources used. Some will be available to buy on the day at workshops, some may be requested as they will be made to order.  Or if you are feeling very ambitious – you can come to along and make your own at Make and Take Workshops


Selection of bought and home made rhythm tibbons

This is not an exhaustive list of resources used, if there is anything that has been used and would like me to make for you, just ask. Some of the resources that are bought are very easily available online, which you of course may also do. I tend to buy in bulk so you can avail of small quantities but at reduced prices. Plus sometimes its just nice to be able to handle materials, and buy them there and then!

Similarly if you would like instructions/ recipe for any resources – I am happy to share! Instructions and play recipes coming soon to the website.


Small Crayons – handcrafted (various styles) £1 

Small Pot (100g) Playdough – handcrafted (various colours) £1

Small Pot (100g) Sensory Rice – handcrafted (various colours) £1

Wooden Maracas x1 (various styles) £1

Plastic Egg Shakers x2 (various colours) £1

Rhythm Ribbons (rainbow colours) x1 £1

Juggling Scraves x1 (various colours) £1

Finger Lights x4 (1 red, 1 white, 1 green, blue) £1

Wooden Dolly Pegs x8 £1

Small Wooden Dough/ Mark Making Tools £1



Large (500g) Pot Playdough (various colours) £5

Large (500g) Pot Sensory Rice (various colours) £5

Large (500g) Pot Sensory Salt (various colours) £5

Large (500g) Pot Rainbow Rice £5

Empty Treasure Baskets £5



DIY Crayon Kit *includes wax, mould and instructions £10

Sensory Play Mat (various styles) £10


Large Sensory Play Tray £15

Filled Treasure Baskets (various) £15



Small *includes 5 sensory resources £5

Medium *includes large sensory rice plus small kit £10

Large * includes play mat plus medium kit £20

Extra Large *includes play tray plus large kit £35

GIFT VOUCHERS (for workshops or resource kits) any amount 


Please note that ALL resources should be used with supervision, extra precaution should be taken for babies and children who still mouth objects.

All resources present choking hazard and should be used with caution.

Resources will be made to order – tailored to the age/ stage of the child – I want their sensory resources to be personal to their needs and interests – I look forward to working with you to create something special for your child.

 Edited to add

Dough, Rice and Crayons are currently only available at Make and Take Workshops – (I am currently going through process of ensuring all handmade products are CE certified – so not producing these products at this time – will post updates).

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