Parties and Events

All Of Me Sensory would be delighted to help host a party with your little one!

Party experiences can be tailored to meet individual needs – so whether is it a family party with various age friends and family attending, or class party with a large number of children the party session is guaranteed to be fun, multi-sensory and messy! 



  • Birthday Party

  • Special Seasonal Celebration (Halloween, Christmas etc)

  • Reunion

  • Wedding/ Christening/ Communion

  • End of Term/ Leaving Party

  • School Party

  • Summer Scheme

  • Just because!!! Special Play Date



Range from £6-£10 per head (Booking starts at £60)

This will depend on several factors including;

  • Venue

  • Number of children attending

  • Whether you wish children to receive a gift/ sensory resource

 This will be discussed and agreed in advance.  Payment will confirm booking.



At a suitable venue of your choice or in your home (space permitting)

Things to consider when choosing your venue for an All of Me Sensory Event

  • Size – enough room for children to play at several activities at floor level

  • Layout/ design – whilst protective covers are used for activities, carpeted areas are not suitable due to the possibility of sensory materials (paint, foam etc) marking/ wetting floor area


All of Me Sensory offers a range of party/ celebration themed activities and resources that are age/ stage appropriate.

I look forward to helping you with your special occasion.



Please complete form for more information and to discuss booking an All Of Me Sensory Event. 

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