Create and Learn Workshops

DIY Professional Development for Early Years Professionals

Each Workshop Includes:

  • Research and Background : The “what” and the “why” of the topic.

  • Ideas in Action: What does the topic look like in educational and care settings?  Learn through practical workshops how to incorporate sensory play into your setting in accordance with relevant curriculum, legislation and guidelines

  • Prompts and Provocations : Actionable ideas for your teaching practice.



  • Practical Sensory Play Training

Courses to support practitioners working with babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers also children with disabilities.

An opportunity to delve into activities and materials that stimulate the senses, share ideas with other practitioners, and learn about how sensory information can be processed by some children with disabilities. Learners will Investigate a variety of resources and discuss the importance of sensory play in learning and development relating to relevant curriculum and standards, whist addressing some of the potential barriers t play.


  • Sensory on a Shoestring 

Sensory equipment doesn’t have to be expensive!   One of my passions and most exciting challenges and joys in All Of Me Sensory is to find or create resources which are inexpensive or free! A basic principle of sensory play is in the multi-functionality of resources – which is why there is so much emphasis on open ended, natural materials that can be used by children in many ways.  One of the last places I look for resources is in the toy aisle!

In this workshop gain knowledge, tips, techniques on how to create meaningful sensory experiences for your children that are economical, environmental and engaging have new and innovative ideas for ‘sensory on a shoestring’.  Plus make your own resources to take home on the day as well as a bank of recipes, activities and resources!


  • Malleable and Manipulative Materials

Exploring all aspects of malleable materials including a variety of DIY resources – the practical component will be to create dough from a range of varieties – play dough, cloud dough, gloop, slime etc.  There will be a variety of resources to demonstrate and explore. Participants will receive information about the sensorial and developmental benefits of integrating malleable and manipulative materials into children’s play including fine motor skills, language, cognitive; how to replicate these at home or in setting using accessible ingredients, plus suitable tools and equipment to support this.


  • Mark Making

From DIY crayons to taste safe paint and everything in between – mark making resources are open ended, accessible and the implications for children’s learning are immense and varied from developing pre-writing skills (fine motor skills, hand eye co-ordination, muscle control and strength) as well as creative, imaginative and language development during play.  Participants will explore a range of DIY and natural mark making sensory materials and tools and recipes, plus create their own personalised crayons!


Perfect for any organisation that works with children or their families, private business, charitable groups, HSCT or Education Authority, including preschools and nursery.

Similar to our Make and Take Workshops but with theoretical, curriculum and legislative guidance

Cost per workshop is £15-£50 per delegate depending on duration and content and venue

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