• Carly Craig is fully trained in Safeguarding and as Designated Safeguarding Officer.
  • All children must be accompanied by a named adult.
  • Children must be supervised at all times.
  • At no time can All of Me Sensory staff or volunteers take responsibility for the care and supervision of children.
  • Booking forms must be completed and returned before children can commence sessions.  It is the responsibility of parents/ carers to inform All Of Me Sensory of any additional information that may affect their child’s ability to participate in sessions.
  • This includes relevant information with regards to allergies or existing medical conditions, mobility/ access requirements.
  • All records pertaining to the child shall be stored confidentially.
  • Written consent will be obtained before All Of Me takes photographs of any child. Photographs taken will be taken in the context of participating in Sensory Activities.  Consent is given in the understanding that photographs will be used online and for promotional purposes.  Parents/ carers may of course decline to give consent or retract consent at any time. Please inform All of Me Sensory so the booking form may be amended accordingly.
  • Children’s workshops will run with approximately 12 children, accompanied by adults. Adult workshops vary in size.
  • Every effort is made to ensure activities and resources are safe to use for All of Me Sensory workshops.
  • Resources are cleaned in between each workshop and deep cleaned at the end of each theme/ week of use.
  • Fabric/ material resources are laundered regularly.
  • Tools and equipment are inspected regularly to ensure they are safe to use.  Please inform All of Me staff if you notice any resources that are damaged or broken and they will be removed immediately, repaired if possible or disposed of if not.
  • Accidents happen, especially when young children are exploring and experiencing unfamiliar resources, please do inform All of Me staff if children damage/ break/ soil any item so that is may be removed for their safety and that of other children.
  • Some resources are made by hand, and may contain smaller items that present a choke hazard to young children, especially those who are still at the mouthing stage. If you notice any resource (e.g. sensory bag/ pouches) ripped, damaged, leaking etc, please inform All of Me staff immediately and be vigilant of any small items your child may accidentally access.
  • A large component of Sensory Workshops will involve messy play.  Often these activities will contain resources that are ‘taste safe’ – that means they are non toxic, usually food based or natural materials, and while safe if children mouth or eat small amounts, sensory materials should not be consumed in large quantities.
  • Where materials are not taste-safe you will be informed and advised if not suitable to  be mouthed.
  • Some resources are single use such as foam, paint, gloop etc and will be disposed of and replaced at the end of each session.  However in an effort to be environmentally sensitive and ethically conscious of using food stuffs as a play resource, at times some items may be recycled and reused.  This may include dyed rice/ pasta/ cloud dough/ water beads, quality of materials will be regularly inspected and replaced when necessary.
  • At times, due to the nature of activities the floor may become wet and slippery, please inform All of Me staff immediately, so spills may be dried/ cleaned
  • Facilities located within the Aspire, Wellness Room, venue, include toilet with hand sink, and changing mat – please use bin provided.
  • Please refrain from consuming hot drinks during session.
  • There is no smoking within or immediately outside the building.
  • Booking is required for all sessions, either by email, facebook private message, call/ text to Contact page.
  • Payment is required in advance, to confirm booking.
  • Due to the nature of activities that are planned and resourced well in advance, no refunds can be given.
  • Payment will be required for any workshop booked, but not attended.