Infant Massage Parent Course

10 hours of guided infant massage plus resources to help you bond and communicate with your baby through nurturing touch!

Is the Infant Massage Parent Course right for me and my baby?

Infant Massage Parent Course providing a safe space for parents to communicate and bond with their baby through nurturing touch and massage

Life with a newborn

is a wild ride – whether it’s your first or fifth – each baby teaches us to be a parent in different ways – and they learn how to be part of our families and our communities.

There are so many challenges facing families in our modern society – especially as we navigate different dynamics of family support, financial fluctuations and the bombardment of social media feeding guilt about what we are or aren’t doing.  Its a minefield.

Because of this I want to facilitate a safe space for parents to connect with each other, but also to connect the dots of their intuition with knowledge and education so you can make informed decisions about their own parenting choices.


This infant massage parent course

gives times, space and opportunity to learn more about your baby, to find a language to understand all the amazing things parents already know and do – but can’t always articulate,. to learn new life long skills to support communication and attachment with little one!

It is precious time to invest in yourself along with baby x

Who am I and why should you care?

My Name is Carly Craig, I am an Independent Early Years Specialist based in County Down, Northern Ireland. 

I work as a consultant and trainer, and recently as an Early Years Lecturer.  I work with early years professionals, and organisations who support families.

My expertise is in the area of Sensory Play.  This is based on current research in Neuroscience in Early Years and Resilience to mitigate the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s). 

Through an evidence based approach combined with easy actionable strategies, I  empower parents and carers to support their little ones to develop their brain, body and mind.


Infant Massage  

I am a Certified Infant Massage instructor with the IAIM (International Association Of Infant Massage) offering a supportive environment to teach a life-long parenting skill. My training focused on supporting parents/primary caregivers and their babies from birth to one year old. Adaptations for babies with additional needs, babies born prematurely and the growing child are also part of the curriculum. 

Qualified and insured, I teach parents or primary caregivers, individually or in group settings, in private or community-based groups.

I facilitate an infant massage parent course – the programme promotes respectful nurturing touch and communication to help support parents to have a deeper understanding of their baby’s emotional and physical needs.

But my baby ...

Hates being massaged

Babies react differently to massage – some enjoy it  instantly, and others take some time and absolutely have to be in the right mood to be touched!

In the course we go through lots of ways we can learn what baby is communicating to help us work out the perfect time to try massage.

Also a key benefit of massage comes from the consistency of doing it regularly.  

There are also lots of tricks and tips to help you and little one along this journey together.

Won't stay still or is asleep during class

Not all babies get massaged at baby massage! 

This is entirely baby led – so if they are distracted by the environment, or need to feed or sleep – that’s perfectly ok!   you are welcome to bring a quiet toy for them to play with. 

This is actually a course for you to learn some skills that you can continue at home with little one when you are both ready!  If little one is otherwise engaged (napping, feeding, playing etc) I have additional demo dolls for you to practice on!


What’s Included?

– 10 hours over 5 weeks of infant massage parent education and practice 

-WhatsApp community (optional) to share digital resources, links and bonus content related to each session

-Opportunity to meet and connect with other parents to share experiences

– refreshments each session (tea/coffee/ biscuits)

– sensory play incorporated into each session with bonus resources to take home each week (rrp £10)

– All resources/ equipment provided in sessions plus…

– A massage at home kit including (rrp£15)

  • a wipeable mat,
  • published handbook and visual aid available in several other languages on request,
  • organic massage oil (including free refill at end of programme)


What Experience Does All Of Me Sensory Have?

Carly Craig is the face behind All Of Me Sensory – working in the Early Years sector for over 22 years, in various roles – in recent years supporting parents, families and staff as an early years specialist.

I found the IAIM several years ago and loved how it aligned so closed with my own values,  Their mission statement sums this up perfectly – The purpose of the International Association of Infant Massage is to promote nurturing touch and communication through training, education and research so that parents, caregivers and children are loved, valued and respected throughout the world community.

The curriculum that I have been facilitating compliments my own practice of sensory regulation through play so well as demonstrated in my 10 week baby & me programme – which is 5 weeks of infant massage, followed by 5 weeks of sensory sessions.

I know what you’re thinking...

It's more expensive that other baby classes...

This Infant Massage Parent Course is actually NOT a baby class. 

Many baby classes are lovely, very short (approximately 45min-1 hr) and high energy.  This often does not allow time and space for parents and baby, to settle, to meet their own needs (having time for naps/ nappy changes/ feeds), to have unrushed conversations with other adults.

This Infant Massage Parent Course – has been designed to allow up to 2 hours of parent care and education, building on knowledge, theory and technique each week over 5 weeks. Culminating in life long skills for parent and baby, as well as increased opportunities to connect and communicate through nurturing touch and massage to feel loved, valued and respected.

The cost equates to £10 per hour which is on par with other parent/ baby programmes, yet provides high quality resources, and an evidence based course – run in over 70 countries world wide over 40 years.

What Parents Say...




Questions You Might Have

Baby massage is a longstanding parenting tradition in many cultures, including Indian and African, and was introduced to the western world during the last 30 years, gaining in popularity in the UK since the late 1990’s.

Baby massage is when a parent or primary carer lovingly strokes or holds their baby. Using a high quality non-fragranced vegetable oil, soothing holds and rhythmic strokes are given on each area of baby’s body, following a sequence that has been developed over many years. The massage offers a wonderful experience and a special time to communicate both verbally and non-verbally with babies, so that they feel loved, valued and respected.

The IAIM baby massage course draws from both the Indian and Swedish massage traditions, as well as incorporating principles from yoga and reflexology.

Parents of babies from newborn up to one year.

The younger the baby, the better they tend to respond to the consistency of infant massage.

This is definitely best suited for babies BEFORE they get mobile – so you and they get the most out of it.

Typically £100 for up to 10hrs of infant massage parent education and practice.

Early Bird rate is £75 and is typically available for a short period when booking goes live

Book Here

There is no need.

This is your course, and your time to bond with baby through learning new skills of nurturing touch and massage.

If you can’t make one of the sessions, please don’t worry – have a chat with me and I can spend some time with you going through the content.

Also, massage strokes are reviewed each week, and you will have the printed materials with visual to help you review at home.

You won’t miss out x

If the other parent would like to participate in the class please let me know and we can get them booked in.

For reasons of confidentiality and to preserve our safe space, we don’t permit other people to attend/ view classes, including other children.

In the beautiful artisan venue The Workshop, 41 Church Street, Ballynahinch,  BT248AF


The Workshop Ballynahinch CIC is a social enterprise supporting creativity and community connection.  They host workshops from artisans and small businesses, provide space for community groups, and host art exhibitions and special events.


For more information and to check out what else they have on visit this link The Workshop

The building is quaint and old. Unfortunately this means that the door frames are quite narrow. Based on measurements, a wheelchair will not fit nor is the toilet room large enough to accommodate a wheelchair. We apologise deeply as we wish to be accessible to all. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to make any structural changes to the building.

The venue located in Ballynahinch Town Centre. 

Both paid and free parking are available close by and a PDF map of parking can be provided to you.

Free Wifi

On-site toilet w/ free period products

Changing mat

Staff on site for serving / assistance

Fire extinguishers & fire blankets

First Aid Kit

Yes indeed!


A cuppa is a vital part of our programme – a chance for parents to take a moment to relax, or to share and chat with other parents!


Tea, coffee and a wee sweet treat are included

Herbal, caffiene free and milk alternatives are all available




Early bird rate £75

Yeah, I’m ready to do this

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Join the growing group of Early Years professionals, carers and parents who enjoy updates and ideas

Here is your chance to be part of the exclusive All Of Me Sensory Stars Group!


Join the growing group of Early Years professionals, carers and parents who enjoy updates and ideas

Here is your chance to be part of the exclusive All Of Me Sensory Stars Group! Sign up now to receive your FREE downloadable!

Join the growing group of Early Years professionals, carers and parents who enjoy updates and ideas

Here is your chance to be part of the exclusive All Of Me Sensory Stars Group!

Join the growing group of Early Years professionals, carers and parents who enjoy updates and ideas

Here is your chance to be part of the exclusive All Of Me Sensory Stars Group!