The best S.T.E.M. resources

So with the launch of our new S.T.E.M. Kit I thought I would put together a few of my favourite activities and experiments for some inspiration this season.

Pop over to the Facebook shop section for full details – items can be bought individually or as a complete kit.

First up we have fun with pipettes!  We stock 2 varieties – a colourful 5ml chunky one that is fun and easy to use; also a variety pack of 10 ranging from .5ml to 5ml – these are perfect for slightly older (primary age) children as they can measure accurately – great to develop maths skills, also cognitive skills to measure to follow instructions or recipe.

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Building a Community

I am on a mission to share the love! By offering FREE sensory workshops to local charities and organisations – starting in Newcastle, Co. Down.

Sharing the  love of Sensory Play with babies and children in families, in schools and groups. That is pretty easy, very often groups and organisations, through their fabulous staff training and experience, are very aware of the developmental benefits and learning that take place during sensory play – all I have to do is bring along all of my fabulous resources, to Stay and Play Workshops set them up in inviting and stimulating ways and let the children do what they do best, play.  Simple!

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Make and Take Versus Pinterest!

Why come to a Make and Take Workshops?

In the age of smart phones, Google and Pinterest there is surely nothing a parent can’t do at home?

Hoping to respond to the eternal eye-rolling, deep-sighing and ‘I’m bored’ cry from children, or the, on the ball, super organised, super motivated, super-caffeinated parent looking to provide all of the entertainment, fun and stimulation, all of the time, can do with a quick online search in an instant?

Absolutely right. 18739920_1462810007115473_1307968060486169004_n (1)

There are unending search engine pages of crafts, activities, DIY , cheap and cheery things to be found online.

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