The best S.T.E.M. resources

So with the launch of our new S.T.E.M. Kit I thought I would put together a few of my favourite activities and experiments for some inspiration this season.

Pop over to the Facebook shop section for full details – items can be bought individually or as a complete kit.

First up we have fun with pipettes!  We stock 2 varieties – a colourful 5ml chunky one that is fun and easy to use; also a variety pack of 10 ranging from .5ml to 5ml – these are perfect for slightly older (primary age) children as they can measure accurately – great to develop maths skills, also cognitive skills to measure to follow instructions or recipe.

I love the Nurture Store and this process pipette art activity is wonderful


Those who know me, know I love any excuse to use silicon moulds – so creating gelatin moulded shapes, then injecting colour ticks a lot of boxes for me – check out colourful gelatin castle here.

cololurful gelatin castle.jpg

I use ice a lot in my sensory workshops, I also use the vinegar and bicarb combo a lot too!  So an activity that combines both mediums is perfect.  Pop over to check out this Fizzy Ice Activity.

fizzy ice

Next we are going to check out Test Tubes and Racks.

The Test Tubes have been the most popular item in the shop!  People seem to be finding all sorts of uses for the from sensory tubes, to display loose parts and to create shakers.

filled test tube

Love this one mixing, combining different materials to make Mad Scientist Bottles.

mad scientist bottles

Another bicarb and vinegar experiment, this time from Fun At Home With Kids

Mix a little food colour through the Bicarbonate of Soda (UK) and Baking Soda (US) and slowly add the vinegar to see a fun fizzing reaction.

Lots of scientific experiments with test tubes over at Fun365

testt tube activities

Measuring Cylinders are perfect for mixing, measuring, comparing, exploring capacity and volume, these are exclusive to the STEM Kits (not available to purchase individually)


With the addition of theses silicon collapsible funnel – to support fine motor skill, hand eye co-ordination, balance and accuracy of action – perfect tools to encourage STEM play

silicon funnel

Dice of all shapes, sizes, and materials are perfect to develop Maths skills – counting, adding, visual recognition of amount (recognising that 3 dots is 3 without having to count each one), can be used to develop social skills (turn taking in games).  Over the years I have picked up giant wooden ones, large foam ones, dice that you can insert picture and images into each side, colour dice, picture dice, story dice – the possibilities are endless!  My current favourite are these acrylic dice

acrylic dice

I particuarly love these ones because

  • they come in a pack of 10 colour – great for colour recognition (in multiple packs can be use for matching), for older children they could be used in lots of ways e.g. add the light blue and dark blue, add the primary colours what colours are showing the same number?
  • because they are made of acrylic they are slightly translucent and look amazing on a light box.  I use a mini version which is a light pad (get yours here – affiliate link)

Tracing Light Box, Kashang A2/A3 Ultra-Slim LED Copy Board with Brightness Adjustable for Tattoo Sketch Designing Architecture Calligraphy Crafts (Black)

I hope you enjoyed our speedy S.T.E.M session.  To pick up your own kit (which has lots more surprise treats) or individual items pop over to the All Of Me Sensory facebook shop

To order simply pop me a PM with your email address and the items you would like, and I will forward an invoice.

Lots of other tips, ideas and information on the main Facebook Page here

Comments and feedback always appreciated

Thanks, Carly x

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