Sensory Stocking Surprise

Inspired by some lovely customers’ feedback – I have put together a Surprise Stocking that is stacked silly with sensory stuff!!!

  • Perfect to share with little ones over the festive period
  • Perfect to share with friends and family as a gift
  • Perfect for small groups and setting to enhance your Christmas provision

Best about it is the value – £20 of resources for the barginous price of £15!

Inside you will find a selection of Christmas Natural Loose Parts – ~Beautiful bark pieces shaped like Christmas Trees,

~Bark Reindeer,

~Bark Stars.

Continuing with the star theme there will also be;

~Vine Stars and

~Star Anise.

Other spices and scented pieces include

~Cinnamon sticks in various sizes,

~Dried Apple Slices,

~Dried Citrus Slices (orange and lime)

Including a selection of beautiful tools

~Bamboo Tongs

~Bamboo Teaspoons

~Dark Wooden Spoon

~Christmas Tree Sticks

~Gold Foil Blanket

~Seasonally coloured raffia and felt balls

All wrapped up in a super soft knitted stocking!



What can you do with all these Festive Treats?

  1. A beautiful invitation to play by simply displaying them together and letting children explore and investigate. They really are so beautiful as stand alone resources!
  2. Enhance your Christmas play provision by adding to your established areas – add the dried fruits and spices to the home corner
  3. Raffia and felt balls are excellent to enhance maths skills during play, these tactile balls, that are perfectly suited to small hands. Weigh, count, sort, use as ‘currency’ during role play, use as ‘gifts’ with the beautiful could bags they come in.
  4. The natural tools (tongs and spoons) can be used to develop fine motor skills, and coordination as they manipulate and transport the loose parts
  5. The incredibly tactile bark shapes (Christmas tree, Reindeer and stars) can be added to small world play or crafts and display. Enhance stories, songs and rhymes by using them as props.
  6. Opportunities for co-operative play, turn taking and sharing
  7. Also perfect for solitary play

I would love to see how the little one in your life chooses to use them.

NB. Contents subject to stock availability

A gift from me to you – enjoy x

To order simply contact below.

Lots more sensory resources and loose parts over on the Facebook shop

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