Spaghetti and… Paint part 2

So over in part 1 I shared some activities using spaghetti with scissors, pop over and have a read.

Here I am going to share some activites when you add paint to spaghetti play.

There are lots of different options with paint – I’ve used

  • Neon paint
  • Glitter paint (colour not as vibrant works well when added with a base colour
  • Pastel paint


To make it taste safe




So as before, to prepare the spaghetti


  • I use value spaghetti, as many packets to fill the container used (2-3 is a good amount for a tuff tray) cooked until it al dente (before it gets too soft), this make it easier to handle and less sticky after being handled. Nb.If you are time and resource limited this can be done by pouring freshly boiled water over spaghetti in a bowl and leaving it to soak for several minutes.
  • It is a good idea to rinse and drain the spaghetti until cool and excess starch is gone. It can then be stored in a zip lock bag in an air tight storage container until used.
  • If I am dyeing the spaghetti, I do it at this stage. A good squirt of paint (or gel food colour to make it taste safe), give it a good mix around. This is why it is good to have the spaghetti slightly undercooked or you may end up with a squished mess at this point.
  • You can mix in a few drops of colour after dyeing the spaghetti to prvent it from sticking together. N.b. Dont do it before adding the colour a the colour won’t adhere (speaks the voice of experience ans several failed attempts!)
  • Spread on a tray lined with grease proof paper and leave to dry until ready to store until use.

Dyeing pasta has a wonderful, really vibrant effect.

    • You can add resources such as small toys to find (plastic bugs are always popular) DSC_0337
    • Tools such as tongs and large tweezers are good and helpful when to all gets tangled. Plus having tools to move the spaghetti are useful for those who are a little Sensory defensive and reluctant to touch the spaghetti with hands, tools help build tolerance and very often they will use their hands eventually! wp-1502229219423.
    • You can start with several colours and they will get mixed during play which looks amazingwp-1502229059271.
    • Or do a single colour which can also be really dramatic. This is particularly effective with young children or children who are visually impaired as the monochrome or high contrast is visually stimulating. I have a white tuff tray and often use it for this effect.



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