Martin Waddell – Local Author

We live near Newcastle County Down, arguably one of the most beautiful places in Northern Ireland (and judging by the busy summer season and streams of holiday makers, very popular!)  Home to the Mourne Mountains, beautiful seaside, many many ice cream shops and none other than world renowned children’s author, Martin Waddell.




No doubt you will have come across Martin Waddell’s work if you have or work with small children; in fact if you work in early years at all I would hazard a guess that the fabulous story of Sarah, Percy and Bill in the Owl Babies features heavily in your settling in themes and activities in September!

This evening, in our local library (Newcastle Branch), we had the pleasure to be treated to a FREE story session with Martin Waddell.  The gallery room was packed out with children clambering over the floor and parents surrounding them, piled right out the door, all enraptured to hear Martin tell his wonderful tales.  Made even more special by the personal intro he gave each one, describing the inspiration behind each story – that they are written in the context of his life and experiences in our little seaside town was really very special.

My boys, sat, enthralled as he read story after story, adding his own voice and gestures; I am sure I will never read Farmer Duck again without hearing his voice ‘quack’- utterly charming!

The library are displaying a beautiful exhibition about him and his work, complete with a large selection of his books for children to borrow; we had so much fun poring through them, some well loved and some unfamiliar.  My eldest (aged 6) had an extra treat of taking his brother (aged 4) up to the desk, to use his own library card to scan and borrow the books.

We do use our library, probably not nearly enough, but this evening’s experience was truly magical – the stuff childhood memories are made of – have fun creating some of your own.

Carly x



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