Summer Schemes!

All Of Me Sensory is beginning to gear up to Summer 2017 with a range of new services and activities on offer, it is very exciting!

I am absolutely delighted to be working with Knockevin Special School to offer stay and play sensory workshops during their Summer Scheme.

These will be themed and planned to meet the specific needs of the children involved. Many of the children have multiple, severe and profound learning difficulties, with varying sensorial needs and challenges.  The activities will be varied with a range of wet messy and dry sensory materials, including lights, sound and soft area.

There will be several small sessions offered throughout the day, to meet these individual needs and ensure that all the children can access the sessions to the best of their ability.

As with all Stay and Play Workshops the children will be supervised by carers at all times.

summer scheme 1

Summer Scheme Sensory Sessions are perfect for lots of different types of groups and organisations, from toddler groups, preschool groups, school groups, holiday clubs/ parks, council run schemes, charities, fundraisers.

  • They are always tailored to your groups needs!

  • They are always messy!

  • They are always fun!


I can offer 3 types of session, at a cost of £70 each or £180 discounted for any combination of 3 on 1 day.

  1. Sensory Sessions

  2. DIY sensory Resource Workshops

  3. Staff Training


  • An hour-long session, with approximately 15-30 minutes to reset resources. children can come and go within the hour according to their own needs and interests.

  • 6-15 students per session – at the discretion of staff as per children’s ability to cope in size of group.

  • children  are to be supported and supervised by staff at all times to participate in the activities according to their own abilities and stage of development.

  • Activities will be mainly situated in the floor, with some table top set up to facilitate access to all.

  • I would recommend a large space that has washable floors, with access to water such as the hall if possible.


Themed hour long session, themes e.g. ‘Down By The Sea’, ‘Up, Up and Away’, ‘Outer Space’. Happy to accommodate other theme suggestions

  • All resources, preparation, set up and break down (takes approx.1hr before and after)

  • A range of sensory activities, some messy, wet, dry to accommodate a range of sensory needs and tolerances – students should wear old clothes or swimwear

  • Plus a certificate of attendance

  • A sensory gift for each student to take home




If appropriate 1 of the sessions may be used to facilitate a workshop for older, more able children where they can make their own resources.

  • Sensory rice or dough. Students can customise their own scents and colours

  • Complete with laminated instructions with symbols, text, and pictures to accommodate mixed ability.

  • These workshops are an excellent opportunity to develop independence and life skills such as following instructions, choosing, measuring, mixing pouring, kneading, scientific exploration of changing materials etc, plus its really fun!

  • Benefit from the therapeutic nature of handling natural materials, calming or stimulating scents

  • Students get a certificate of achievement plus

  • They can take their sensory resource home to enjoy



If appropriate or necessary I can also facilitate staff training to meet your summer scheme needs

  • To provide brief overview on sensory awareness, difficulties, stimulation, and differing needs. This may be beneficial to newer or less experienced staff

  • DIY workshop to produce sensory resources.

    • These can be used to enrich the summer scheme with sensory play in different ways

    • A variety resources including sensory dough, rice, gloop, cloud dough, rhythm ribbons, pat mats etc.

    • Using easily sourced and inexpensive materials, easy to replicate

    • Instructions and recipes that can be adapted to suit different activities, specific requirements such as sensory issues or allergies

    • A fun opportunity to bond, and learn new skills with co-worker, great for team morale

    • A certificate of attendance

If you would like to know more about Summer Scheme Sensory Sessions, simply fill in the form below.


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