Spring Sensory Activities – part 3 Easter

The Joy of Easter is mixed as a movable celebration, the weather ranges from hot and needing sun cream to cold and blustery!  It doesn’t seem to dampen spirits as the children love the bright and pastel colour all around from the tentative flowers in the garden to the array of craft materials.  They seem inspired to creativity, embracing the urge to paint, cut and stick, Easter baskets and bonnets made from paper plates and delicate tissue paper.  Their favourite seems to be the little craft embellishments that are so cute and novelle – little fluffy chicks, plastic egg shells waiting to be filled, lady birds, woolly sheep – they love it all.


Two of my boys have birthday’s in March, so parties often end up around Easter, plus with plenty of cousins and friends, there is always plenty of opportunity to get creative with Easter inspired sensory activities and resources.

Our most easy (free) and popular activities is to plan an Easter Egg Hunt – we love being outdoors, so hoking around in plants, shrubs and grass is always popular.  So much so that we have lots of ‘unofficial’ hunts over the Easter period – they just love to chance to go digging around.


Things that we have hunted for over the Easter/ Spring period include;

    • re-hunting for Easter Eggs (yes I have been known to re-hide the goodies either during the hunt or when we go visit family – granny and aunt have lovely big gardens)

    • hiding snack!  Not food when children are actually hungry obviously that would be mean!  Oranges and bananas work well as they can be peeled, plus are fairly robust! Or you could hide sandwiches and biscuits or special treats in snack boxes and Snack Bag

    •  Play Balls  (like these plastic ones you get in ball pit), these are great as they are bright and lightweight so relatively easy for young children to find. 

    • You can mix it up a bit by allocating children a different colour to find, this helps make it fair for different ages and helps moderate children who are a bit over-zealous.

    • Never to miss a learning opportunity – why not add letters or numbers so children can find the letters of their name, or a sequence of numbers. Again this can help children who find it difficult to moderate themselves taking turns; also children with SEN who may find ending activities difficult, their activity is over when they find all the balls of their colour, number or letter sequence.

    • Small Toys are very popular in our home, from paw patrol to avengers to cars, if it can fit in a child’s hand it is a winner here.  Why not hid a few of each child’s favourites, again they have to find their own, (can you tell my boys are young and still at an age where turn taking and sharing is a learning process!)

    • Playdough is a firm favourite with our boys and was very popular in the early days of Educare Create when I made and sold playdough and crayons at craft fairs.  These make an excellent alternative to sweet Easter treats, especially useful for

      • children who are very young and sweet treats are not appropriate or limited

      • children with allergies

      • children with sensory issues may enjoy the tactile experience of coloured  and scented playdough

      Carrot Playdough


      Orange scented playdough topped with green shredded paper in a decorative clear plastic cone  – beautifully presented in a basket.  These were so popular, great addition to the Easter egg hunt!

    • Playdough Eggs!


      Various coloured playdough in these inexpensive Fillable Plastic Surprise Eggs, some had additional surprises of a little chick or Easter confetti.

      Great for little hands, again popular addition to Easter egg hunt, easily transportable  – handy to pop in the bag and take with you to appointments, travel, eating out etc.

      NB I sourced new egg boxes as I was selling these at the time, hygiene was a priority, however this is cheap and easy to do at home (I always advocate recycling with children where possible!) Plus my son has an egg allergy, so I am particularly wary of avoiding contact with eggs.

      I sourced my Easter themed resources from local pound shops in the seasonal aisle, this is obviously limited to certain time of year, however can be found easily online – there are some affiliate links above for similar resources so you can try some of these activities at home.

      If you would like to come along to be inspired and make some of your own seasonal playdough based activities check out make and take or get in touch below.


      Carly x

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