Blogging about beginnings!

So I was looking through some photos taken from last Summer when I came across this one!


1st time setting up at stall – Cumran PS Summer Fair June 2015

When I first started making crayons and play dough, at first for fun and then I decided to go to some Summer fairs. I primarily wanted to do something enjoyable, creative, stimulating but not too taxing, most importantly that I could fit around my boys *aged 4yrs, 2yrs and 6mths. If they could be involved all the better.


My 2yr old ‘helper’ – really he just wanted to get his face painted and go on the bouncy castle again!

I had secretly harboured a desire to be a work at home mum forever (seriously before I even had kids I thought about it) but not being particularly crafty I was stumped. 

Cue 3 boys and a busy job as preschool leader later I decided to take the plunge and remain at home after my 3rd maternity leave – who needs a salary for things like the mortgage! It was after I made this decision and in between entertaining and educating boys bursting with energy that I started playing with idea of producing play dough (which I had done for years in work) and crayons (brand new concept I was bursting for the opportunity to try)!

Between craft fairs  (when I can squeeze them in), Facebook and more recently Etsy, I have been delighted with the feedback so far and have LOVED getting my geek on with like minded people who get as silly excited about children learning in exciting ways as I do!

Lots more to show and tell! Check me out on Facebook, Twitter, Etsy and Pinterest xxx



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