Sensory Trays and Containers – Part 1 Tuff Trays

Today I had a chat with a lady about what types of containers were best for Sensory Play.  The short answer is any and all!

Of course, first thoughts went to the Tuff Tray – originally designed as a builders mixing tray for cement etc, it has been commandeered by Early Years for the past decade or so as the must have item in your setting!

So much so that an entire industry and indeed sub-culture has sprung up around them to include;

  • Large selection of colours – I’m pretty sure they were not originally marketed for the construction industry in lime green or fuchsia!
  • Social Media
  • Education

Available in a range of colours from black to Red, and my person favourite – white (affiliate link WHITE Tuff Tray )

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DIY Paint – Yoghurt part 2

This was my 2 year old enjoying the spoils of my Sensory workshops (more details over in Services

His big brothers were away at a sleep over and he was enjoying some quality time with me ( a rare treat for them all).

I love this video.  It takes a lot for us as adults to stop, and say nothing, just let children be.  He played uninterrupted for about an hour, without direction or instruction.  you can see at some points he looks at camera (me) to check if its ok to proceed.  Like I say, uninterrupted play is a rare treat – no big brothers trying to make up rules and lead the way, and mum not worrying about having to hose down 3 kids!

I love the language he uses, I love how he methodically empties each container, I love how he mixes the colours, I love how he makes marks in the yoghurt paint, I love this kid!  Details of how to make it here DIY Paint… Yoghurt

i have been getting a lot of enquired about the mirror tray I use in a lot of my sensory workshops.  Unfortunately I cannot find a link for the mirror insert.  This one is about 3 years old, and well and truly used!  Here is an affiliate link to a similar tray Garland 80 x 80cm Square Tray

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DIY Paint… Yoghurt

By DIY Paint I refer to any coloured mixture that can be spread or applied to a surface, or can be used for wet mark making.

So, I think in most of my blog posts I have mentioned DIY paint – I use it in some form in most of my sessions, so here is a quick behind the scenes of one of my favourite go to sensory resources!


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